About Session
Session is an upcoming fitness app that will revolutionize how people exercise. The goal is to make your workouts more productive and effective with 20-30 minute sessions. All exercises are designed using bodyweight and basic equipment only. The app uses an AI system to create workout plans designed specifically for you, based on your feedback.​​​​​​​

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The Challenge
Since the project is about a fitness app revolutionizing how people exercise, the mission was to create a brand identity system bold enough to represent this innovative idea. Session needed a strong and confident voice, from the color palette to typography, working along with an impactful logo-mark, so all elements could be part of the same identity system.
My Approach
Session is a great name – small and strong. I could work on a logotype, but since it's a mobile app, my focus was on how it would look on screens. It should also work as an icon, especially an app icon. The direction I decided to follow was around a lettermark, featuring a unique S design. After an extensive exploration phase and experimenting with different applications, the final design was an S lettermark that represents all the brand attributes: bold, minimal, movement, innovative and confidence.
"The ultimate goal was to deliver a bold and confident brand identity system to represent the innovative concept behind Session."